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Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
money by ripping off medicare. but when the government insurance plan for patient care it cannot provide. >> he claims he was doing minor surgical operations on patients in nursing homes but he was not accurate -- he was not. larry shows how easy it is to cheat. he was barred from billing medicaid in 2007. he did not stop. days alter, he was -- later, he awwas back at it. he was paid for 18 visits to a patient. it is a podiatrist. patient is a double amputee. he was not syncopations said he did not know that. >> how was he able to keep for so long? >> this doctor had the program integrity for medicare and medicaid. the large number who refers to -- 4.5 million medicare claims filed every date. in new edified command center and system r on line to better investigate suspicious claims. critics complain the systems are too expensive. what we want to find the people doing these schemes and doin things to submit claims that should not get paid you are getting. >> he and his wife still on a million-dollar house but he is not there. home for him for the next four years -- a federal pris
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
student government hearing about the formation of a white student union. some ask for clarification questions. others denounced it completely. organizers say it will be an advocacy group, source of pride and a safe haven for white students to a been discriminated against. organizers said the group will be open to anyone, regardless of their race, as long as a support the mission. >> most of the controversy is being generated by people that i think are scared that the white students are finally shaking this trend and actually being proud of who they are encouraging cried in the culture. >> what is white history? michael j.? if you look back over history, nothing positive has come out of white culture and history because you have done nothing good. >> i am not excited anymore. i feel like this is for the wrong reasons. what the proposal white student union has appealed all the requirements to become a student group, with the exception of having it faculty advisers. >> in our commitment 2012 coverage, a new poll gives the odds of expanded gaming and the maryland and a potential game- t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2